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Anonymous asked:

I have a white friend with a native american girlfriend. In high school, both had 4.0's, but my white friend had more AP classes, president of SNHS, NHS, a few other clubs I can't remember, captain of 3 sports teams, had thousands more volunteering hours helping people less fortunate than his girlfriend, and got near perfect scores on both his SAT and ACT. They both applied to Stanford. He didn't get in, and she did. Can you explain this? Because to me, this is fucking bullshit.


Because he was about as interesting as white bread? Just my guess.  Colleges aren’t too impressed by being a student being president of NHS (as it usually means nothing) and “thousands” of volunteer hours scream “I’m only doing this to beef up my app.  My guess? That guy’s girlfriend had a much more interesting personal essay/worldview, while still being just as good a student.  Colleges want a student with an interesting perspective, not one who completes a “good applicant” checklist.

Now byeeee with your anti-Affirmative Action, racist bullshit.

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